so what go you into acupuncture? (the long version)

 The human body is so cool!  Even as a little kid I remember being fascinated by physiology and the mere fact that our bodies work to keep us alive.  Naturally, my inclination was to set my sights on going to medical school and becoming a physician. At the same time I remember becoming aware of inconsistencies and shortcomings of the modern medical world.  Seeing ad after ad on tv spouting the benefits of a certain drug and then subsequently listing a ridiculous number of side effects; looking at my grandparents’ weekly dose of prescription medications kept in those little plastic Monday-Friday boxes purportedly keeping them alive and wondering if that was really the best solution for everyday health and wellbeing; having conversations with my mom about healing the spirit and mind in order to heal the body — all these little observations added up to a certainty that there was a better way for me to pursue the healing arts.  Finally, I was drawn to women’s health after taking a series of endocrinology seminars while studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and learning even more about the complexities of human physiology. It was there that a friend recommended looking into midwifery school and birth work. Shortly thereafter I began working as a doula. I started experimenting with acupressure techniques to help my clients through difficult labors (or in some cases help to jumpstart the process) and was blown away by the efficacy of merely pressing on a few key places on the body. I knew I had to learn more about this incredible, ancient healing modality so I dove headfirst into the amazing world of East Asian Medicine and the rest is history.

Caitlin Klein