Caitlin Klein, licensed acupuncturist

Hello! I’m a New York State Licensed and board certified acupuncturist dedicated to making my patients feel better and heal better. I have treated thousands of patients in the greater NYC area for conditions ranging from general stress and anxiety to fertility to specific musculoskeletal injuries both in private practice and at the busy Manhattan studio WTHN.

So what got you into acupuncture?

This is a question I get almost daily from my patients, and honestly it’s a good one. A long and winding path led me to where I am today. The short version is: I tried it; it worked; and I enrolled in acupuncture school mainly out of curiosity and a desire to help people feel better in a real and immediate way. And I found that acupuncture and East Asian medicine provided exactly the tools I was looking for.

For the long version, see my first blog post.

My mission is to help people feel more at ease in their bodies and to apply the rich and complex tradition of Chinese medicine to harmonize body, mind, and spirit.